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August 24, 2005

Thieves’ World® the movie????

Probably not, but you can’t have a movie without an option and, for the first time ever, there’s a active TW movie option.

My agent’s been working on this for almost a year...and I still don’t understand all the language that we haggled over, but Jonathan Matson (my agent) assures me that in the (admittedly unlikely) event that we go into production, my interests and Thieves’ World®’s interests have been adequately protected. But, today I signed the papers and we’re officially “under option” for the next twelve months (with an option to renew).

Our “Purchaser” is Scot Barbour who has recently had some film-festival success with a documentary called “Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story” which premiered in Seattle earlier this summer. My preliminary Googling didn’t turn up a Scot Barbour homepage, but I found this which has some info about him and the Malfunkshun project.

Scot’s a long-time TW fan who came to me with his proposal. He’s impressed me with his sincerity; only time will tell if he will impress us all with his success.

(Oh, and for something completely different, but relating to last year’s announcement about the game...I’ve opened a new page for Thieves’ World® gaming


August 21, 2004

Thieves’ World® gaming is back!

The milieu has been licensed to the Green Ronin Publishing company for the purpose of creating book-length game supplements that conform to Wizards of the Coast “D20” open gaming format. Our current license is for four supplements, the first of which will be released in the summer of 2005.

I have been very favorably impressed by the quality of Green Ronin’s products, especially the work they’ve done with other licensed milieux. They’ve welcomed my involvement in the creative process and I expect that the supplements will be both eminently playable and a valuable source of background information.

The announcement was made at GenCon 2004 and can be read at:


January 2004

It’s been a few years now since the pigs took flight and the Thieves’ World® revival began. I’ve written Sanctuary, a hefty novel bridging the gaps between the original 12-volume series and what I fervently hope will be an open-ended series of new anthologies. One of those new anthologies has been published and the second is working its way through the publication process. At the same time, a program to reprint the “classic” Thieves’ World® anthologies of the 1980s has gotten underway.

And, I still haven’t decided how to organize the Thieves’ World® pages here at my website. Indecision isn’t a very good excuse, though. It’s time to get some information posted and worry about the organization later! Click on the titles below for more information...

Thieves’ World®
in the Third Millennium

Classic Thieves’ World® from the 1980s


First Blood
a compilation of
Thieves’ World and
Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn

Turning Points


Enemies of Fortune


My dad, who has, for decades, been my number-one fan and first reader of everything I write, has put together a Thieves’ World® website which contains all the TW covers I could find and he could scan, story lists, story lists, and anything else he could lay hands on. Since he’s much more diligent about keeping his web-sites refreshed and up-to-date than I am, I heartily recommend checking out his TW pages.

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