First Blood


At long last, all the paperwork’s done and we’re in the final countdown to the start of TOR’s Thieves World® reissue program.

FIRST BLOOD is a trade-paperback release printed on non-self-destructing paper. It contains the stories from THIEVES WORLD and TALES FROM THE VULGAR UNICORN:

John Brunner
“Sentences of Death”

Lynn Abbey
“The Face of Chaos”

Poul Anderson
“The Gate of the Flying Knives”

Andrew Offutt

Robert Lynn Asprin
“The Price of Doing Business”

Joe Haldeman
“Blood Brothers”

Christine DeWees

Marion Zimmer Bradley
“The Secret of the Blue Star”

Philip Jose Farmer
“Spiders of the Purple Mage”

David Drake

Lynn Abbey
“The Fruit of Enlibar

A E van Vogt
“The Dream of the Sorceress”

Janet Morris
“Vashanka’s Minion”

Andrew J Offutt
“Shadow’s Pawn”

Robert Lynn Asprin
“To Guard the Guardians


plus the introductions and afterwords to each
anthology and

“The Lady of the Winds”

a posthumous Poul Anderson story
featuring Cappen Varra


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