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Update: 12-18-07

Had a choice between buying dozens of stamps at $.41 each or buying scrap metal so an itinerant blacksmith in Darfur could make a more efficient stove for the camp women so they’d need to spend less time outside the camps scavenging firewood and running the very real risk of rape, mutilation, and/or death. Darfur won, which means my Dreaded Christmas letter is here

Update: January 15, 2006

Knew that couldn’t last...
I’ve added the cover proof and the first chapter from Rifkind’s Challenge to the Bibliography page

Update: August 24, 2005

Three days in a row...we’re talking major omens...four horsemen and the impending heat-death of the universe...but there’s an announcement over at the Thieves’ World section...

Update: August 23, 2005

There is a blog...I’ve even made two entries. After quick research I realized that I had a lot of options at dedicated sites where thousands of folks keep their blogs, but SFF.net, which hosts the physical reality of this site and has been a friend to Science Fiction and Fantasy writers since the first of us ventured on the web back in 1995 won the contest, even though what it offers isn’t quite a “blog” in the most traditional sense.

Anyway, the button’s over there on the left side. Today I wrote about my cell-phone adventure. Who knows what I’ll write about tomorrow?

Update: August 22, 2005

Good grief, it’s been a year and a day...one of those mythic time-frames that appears mostly in contracts and other legal documents.

I’ve just returned from GenCon where Green Ronin premiered the first two Thieves’ World® supplements and I got to sign a good many of them.

I can’t say enough good things about the people who comprise Green Ronin. They put together a good design team and produced a product I can whole-heartedly support.

Yes, it’s a D20 gaming product and many, if not most of the folk who browse by these eternally incomplete pages are readers, not gamers, so the question arises: Why should a non-gamer invest in a gaming product and the answer is indexing, backstory, and expansion.

The Player’s Manual, which was premiered at GenCon, lays out the basics of Sanctuary. Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, the second G-R product is a gaming scenario that also has map of the current incarnation of our favorite dive. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary gets into every corner of the city in both its 1980s-Rankan incarnation and its current Irrune era incarnation; it also has a complete list of every character ever mentioned (many with Shadowspawn’s comments on their trustworthiness). The Thieves’ World Gazetteer goes beyond Sanctuary both chronologically (to the founding of the city and such things as the Yenized-Enlibar wars) and geographically (to the exotic west beyond Mrsevada, to Ilsig, and many of the other provinces of the Rankan Empire.

Even if TOR agrees to publish anthologies from now on, there’s no way that all the information (most of which was drafted by me) that Green Ronin has compiled is going to appear in the short stories

Oh, the other thing I realized at GenCon is that everyone must have a blog...so I’m giving it a try...right here



Update: August 21, 2004

I am delighted to announce that I’ve licensed the Green Ronin company to produce book-length gaming supplements based on the Thieves’ World® milieu. These books will incorporate background material from all the anthologies, both the “classic” series of twelve volumes published by ACE Books in the 1980s and the new material published by TOR since 2000. 

The complete press release from Green Ronin can be found at:

Update: January 18, 2004

Major additions... Samples from ALL the Emma Merrigan books, including the ones that haven’t been published yet, are available in the bibliography section. And there’s a lot of new Thieves’ World® material, including information about the second all-new anthology, ENEMIES OF FORTUNE

Update: November 3, 2003

Another book, Brazen Gambit added to the biblography. Fortunately, even at my glacially slow update pace, I am adding them faster than I’m writing them, so, eventually, all the books will be linked up


Update: September 8, 2003

What do you know--two updates in a single week! I’ve added Beneath the Web, the second of my Walensor books to the bibliography.

I’ve also gotten a proof of the First Blood cover for the first Thieves’ World® omnibus reissue. It’s another great Targete cover. I’ve posted it in the Thieves’ World® section.

Update: January 13, 2003

It’s a new year and I’ve made my usual New Year’s resolutions. Somewhere around number 10 on the list was “get a handle on my web site.”

So far, what that’s meant is activating my own domain and importing the useable stuff from my old web-site. I’ve gotten new software that’s supposed to make maintaining a web-site something less than a mind-boggling job. We’ll see...

(It’s certainly going to be better than trying to keep the silly thing in my head, because that clearly hasn’t worked for the last four years!)

Anyway, I’m still working on getting the old site translated and teleported. The organization may change, so I wouldn’t bookmark anything but the home page, ‘cause there’s no telling how the paths and names may change.

I’m not sure where I’m going to put some of the individual pages I’ve put together over the years, in particular, I’m not sure where I’m going to put the words I wrote after my mentor, Gordon Dickson, died. He’s been gone almost two years now, so it’s hardly “News” any more, but he’s certainly not forgotten, at least not by me.

There are better places on the Web to find out what Gordie wrote and when he wrote it, but if you’re interested in what made him such a special person and how he changed my life, then ease on over to my memorial to Gordie Dickson


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